Clean Code That Works

Clean Code that works is the training we built for the developers that want to learn the XPeppers's way of writing code. Software development is a learning process!

What you will learn

During our three days course we will cover all the different aspects that can make your code really work!  

Our trainers will teach you how Refactoring and Simple Design improve the overall quality of your codebase with a resulting software that proves to be clearer and more expressive. You will also see how a good design can emerge from scratch by applying Test-Driven Development (TDD).

The format is both theoretical and practical, we strongly encourage you to get involved with your keyboard working alongside with other attendees.



Day 1

  • Let's undestand through the Agile Manifesto why “Working software is the primary measure of progress”
  • A deep dive into test automation with unit test, integration test e acceptance test
  • Discover with our trainer what Test Driven Development is, the TDD microcycle and the “red, green, refactor!” way
  • Group exercises using the format randori


Day 2

  • Undestanding what good design is  by inspecting the aspects of bad design 
  • Why rigidity, fragility and immobility the among the worst enemies of each developer
  • Writing better code by respecting the SOLID principles
  • Keep your code shy (with Tell Don't Ask) and dry
  • The four rules of Simple Design
  • Group exercises (Birthday Greeting Kata)


Day 3

  • Let's code a "real" project togheter! The Goose Game kata!
  • Dealing with the first user stories and the respective acceptance tests
  • Setting up a Continuous Integration server
  • Retrospective

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